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This Is How You Can Advertise On Facebook To Add 30-50+ Quality Leads To Your Clinic Each Month WITHOUT Spending All Your Time Learning How To Do It Yourself So You Can Focus On Treating Patients & Running Your Clinic!

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Fill your booking calendar each week with new qualified patients while positioning your clinic as the experts in your area using Facebook and Instagram ads AND have a strategic marketing partner in your business to take the workload & pressure off your hands!  Who wouldn't want this ???

Patient Lead Generation for Healthcare Clinics

As a clinic owner, your focus is getting your patient’s successful outcomes! You shouldn’t be spending your time on putting together digital strategies, learning how to use the complicated Facebook ads platform and building online marketing funnels.

That’s what we’re here for so you can focus on running your clinic and treating your patient's while we deliver new patient leads straight to your waiting room!

It’s obvious that you need a steady stream of new patients to have a profitable business. And you know you can’t rely on referrals alone forever. Your effectiveness at attracting patients reliably and predictably determines your long-term success.

You’ve heard how important marketing is, and have probably already invested a lot of time and money into growing your clinic.  Maybe you've undergone training and taken courses and have your clinic setup for success but the digital lead generation is not as easy it first seemed.  If you still don’t have the results you need or want from your digital marketing, it’s time to change the game plan.

So how do you position your clinic as the experts in your area and get a steady stream of new patients using digital strategies and Facebook Ads?  If you don’t have a strategy that automatically does this for your services you’re essentially leaving the success of your online marketing to chance and you’re definitely missing out on helping patients and running a highly profitable business.

If you have ever tried Facebook advertising before, you’ll understand how complicated it really is – and that doing it wrong will end up costing you thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it.

What we do for healthcare providers:

We create your ads, funnels and FB & Insta campaigns until your are 100% happy

We allow you to focus on your business whilst we take care of the lead generation

We get your ads live quickly and constantly improve and optimise them

You grow your revenue and profits by servicing the incoming leads

We stop you wondering where your next patient is coming from

Your business grows as fast as you can scale while your competitors get left behind

We are a boutique full-service Facebook ads marketing agency specialising in helping healthcare providers grow their businesses using Facebook ads and marketing funnels.  We can deliver and manage the right solution to help you scale and grow

We are currently partnering with clinics in Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, and Speech Pathology in Australia and the United Kingdom

Here's what a few of the clinic owners are saying about working with us:

Will was looking to create awareness about his clinics and get more patients coming in

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Luke was looking to adopt a strategy that generated leads with a positive ROI

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Godfrey was looking for a new channel other than Google Adwords to reliably find new patients

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Sally & Ben were looking to bring in a stream of patients to their clinic using Facebook ads

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Jen was looking for a partner to run their FB ads who knew what to do and take the stress away

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Andrew was looking to build his brand as the leading clinic in the area while generating leads

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James was looking for a partner to properly run his Facebook ads to get patient leads coming in

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David was looking to dominate his local area using Facebook advertising

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Our clients can focus on their businesses knowing patient lead generation using Facebook ads is taken care of

Quality Leads

Fast Turnaround Times

Fully Optimised Method

100% Done For You

Here's a few examples of immediate results achieved for our clients 

Podiatrist based in Darlington United Kingdom

55 appointment requests in 8 days yielding a 2699% return on ad spend

Osteopath based in Worthing United Kingdom

62 appointment requests in the first 30 days yielding a 1356% return on ad spend

And here's a few examples of longer term results achieved for our clients 

Podiatrist based in Sydney Australia

The clinic was well established in their area but was having trouble finding patients leads online.

Since partnering with us, they received an average of 2 leads per day over 5 months

300 +




Podiatrist based in Melbourne Australia

The clinics were well established in their area and had not tried Facebook advertising

Since partnering with us, they received an average of 1 lead per day over 6 months

250 +




We may be a good fit to partner with you if:

You are running a clinic/practice and employ a team of healthcare practitioners 

You have a great track record of serving patients and getting them successful outcomes 

You are ready for growth and willing to invest in your own ad spend of at least $1000 per month

Ready to partner with us?

We only partner up with businesses that we know will succeed with our methodology, for this reason, we require a no obligation, strategy session to determine if we can help

Who we are

As the leader in Facebook and Instagram advertising for Healthcare Clinics, Tim Lumsden Online is a boutique agency focused on getting results for our clients!  Based in Adelaide, Australia, founder Tim Lumsden has been successfully setting up digital marketing strategies and running Facebook ads for clients over the past 6 years. 

“We’ve invested thousands of dollars on fine-tuning our Facebook lead generation strategies, so you don’t have to. For 6 years, we’ve provided businesses with highly effective patient acquisition services that don’t cost an arm and a leg that allow you to serve more patients and drive real, profitable growth.  Is it time for us to help you too?”

Tim Lumsden, Founder - Tim Lumsden Online

If we partner with you, you will get a strategic marketing partner that will constantly be reviewing your business objectives and marketing tactics. We will take care of the patient lead generation for you

Here is your next step...

To find out more about our process, pricing and if we can push the right leverage buttons in your business, book a no-obligation free strategy session today!