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The process that takes you from wanting more leads and sales to generating leads and sales automatically using Facebook advertising

  • Free Strategy Session

    We talk with you to understand your business,  goals, barriers, clients and more. This helps us formulate a Facebook advertising strategy specifically for your business.
  • Proposal Meeting

    After uncovering the necessary details during the strategy session, we use the information and our own research to put together a plan to skyrocket your Facebook advertising in a proposal for us to partner with you.
  • Onboarding Session

    Once the plan is in place, we liaise with you to ensure we have everything we need to execute the strategies and guide you in developing the necessary content for your Facebook advertising campaigns.
  • Campaign Launch

    Using the plan, we put the strategies to work by implementing the advertising campaigns, landing pages, technology, sequencing, tracking and more and you watch the leads and sales come flooding in.
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