We know how frustrating it is for podiatrists and other healthcare practitioners to craft the perfect Facebook ad that talks to the perfect Facebook audience, they submit it only to have Facebook say it's not approved. The good news is there is a way to ensure that your Facebook ads are always going to comply with Facebook's ad policies to make sure they're always approved.

To start with, it should be noted that Facebook has some very good guidelines in place for its advertising policy to keep the quality of the advertisements on Facebook high. And by keeping the quality of the ads high, it means it's going to keep the users ie. all your potential patients on Facebook.   If the newsfeed was flooded with abusive, spammy ads, people would leave the platform.

The second thing is to always comply with the policy.  When it comes to medical conditions, what Facebook will not allow is when you say things like: 

"Do you suffer from heel pain?"


"Do you have trouble walking?" 

This is because Facebook do not want you to be singling out people for their particular conditions or problems.  However, to successfully generate patient leads using Facebook ads, you 100% should be focusing on people's problems rather than your services.

To comply with Facebook's policy there's a way to word both the ad copy and the content in your videos using language that Facebook allows.  The language must not refer to someone's pain and be more general yet elude to the fact that they have heel pain.  Here's a few examples:

"Do you have heel pain?"  becomes "Heel pain affects a lot of people."

"Do you suffer from heel pain?" becomes "Suffering from heel pain is common."

"Does heel pain stop you from playing sport" becomes "Heel pain stops people from playing sport."

It's a small tweak, but it makes a big difference to Facebook.  And what we want to do is make sure we comply with what Facebook says so that you can continue to advertise on Facebook.  If you don't, your ads will be disapproved and nobody wants that to happen.

Advertising on Facebook the right way is a great way to generate patient leads so you can serve more people and grow your clinic.

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