When Facebook ads don't go to plan and the results aren't showing, there's always a reason why.  Facebook is continually developing new tools to help advertisers diagnose problems with ads so they can identify areas for improvement.  Earlier this year, three new metrics were introduced, which allow advertisers to fix ads and make adjustments where needed so that they can get them back on track.

We've all been there when ads aren't performing as well as we want them to. We know ads can go extremely well, especially when following this approach and presenting your target audience with an irresistable offer.   When ads are going well and generating patient leads, it's best not to look at these metrics.  They are a metric purely to be used as a guide for when things aren't going well.

First of all there's the ad quality ranking score. The second one is the ad engagement ranking score, and the third one is the ad conversion ranking score. Each of these scores get either an above average, average or below average ranking.  The score is in relation to other advertisers who are competing in that same ad space ie. other people who want to show their ads to the same audience that you're wanting to show them too.

Here's a brief intro on each of the metrics:

  1. Firstly there's the ad quality ranking score. This is a score which shows how well the audience that you're targeting perceives the quality of your content. If it is a below average score than that would mean that you perhaps need to change up the content of the ads.
  2. The second score is the ad engagement ranking score. If that is an above average score - fantastic. If it's an average one that's okay. If it's a below average score, then once again you might like to change the content or potentially keep the content the same or change up the audience to make some improvements.
  3. The third score is the ad conversion ranking score.  This score ranks how well your ad is converting compared to other advertisers in the same ad space.  So if the ad is not converting well, there may be an issue with the offer that you're presenting to the audience and you might need to change the offer. 

There's quite a bit involved with these scores, and you can access Facebook's own resources here for more information.

If  you're running your own ads, these scores will be immensely helpful if your ads are not generating patient leads for your clinic.  But if you're looking for a partner to take care of your patient lead generation including analysing these 3 metrics, we may be able to help.

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