How to use Facebook ads to give people multiple exposures to your clinic before they come in

February 2, 2020

When people are experiencing pain, and that could be heel pain, and they see an ad on Facebook for your clinic that could help them, it doesn't necessarily mean that they're going to come into your clinic for that help straight away.   This is because they are not actively searching for help and are not expecting to see an ad for heel pain relief in their newsfeed.

There are ways to approach this such as crafting a specific message for particular problems and giving people an attention grabbing offer.

But sometimes people need multiple exposures to that clinic before they'll make the decision to come in and get the help that they need.  This could be because they don't have trust in your brand yet and regularly posting to your Facebook page can help with this.

Another way to build trust is to present them with multiple ads and Facebook gives us the tools to be able to do this.  The aim of each ad is to further educate them about how you can help their particular problem such as heel pain.  The more online exposures someone has with your clinic, the more likely they will be to come in for help.  This also helps to position your clinic as the go to experts in your local area.  

To start with, there always needs to be an initial contact point online for your clinic. That could be people who visit your website or it could be people who view an educational video on Facebook, or it could even be just people who go and check out your Facebook page.

Let me paint a picture for you here... imagine that you have an ad on Facebook targeting people who are likely to need help with heel pain, and the video is talking about heel pain and how it can be fixed and how you can help them with that heel pain. 

With the Facebook ad tools, we can track people who are watching the videos, visiting your clinic website or engaging with your Facebook page and then retarget them, meaning we can put another ad in their news feed.  The ad could be promoting a free resource from your clinic such as an eBook with more information that's going help them with their heel pain that they can download and read.

Once people download the free resource, we can give them another exposure on Facebook by retargeting them with an ad inviting them to come in to the clinic with a great offer to get the help that they needed in the first place.

For some people, having these multiple exposures is what they need to give them the confidence that you as a podiatrist, or as a healthcare provider, can help them.  If they believe that you can help them, then they're going be far more likely to come in to see you after they've had these multiple touch points.

Of course, some people don't need all these touch points, they'll come in straight away in response to your irresistable offer because they know they need to get the help now.  

But for the people who aren't quite sure, this lead nurturing process is a great strategy for your clinic so you can serve more patients and grow the business.

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