We've been helping podiatrists and other healthcare practitioners with their Facebook advertising over the past few years.  We've tested different marketing strategies and found there's a right way and a wrong way to approach Facebook advertising.  The right way is to get new patients into your clinic quickly when they need your help the most.

And to do this, the best approach is to give them an offer that grabs their attention.

When you think about Facebook, people, including your potential patients, are on there every day scrolling through their news feeds, talking to their friends, engaging with content, doing this and doing that.  So there's a lot of noise to break through to grab their attention.  And then there's the external distractions ie what's happening in the real word at the time.  To add to this, most people will be browsing Facebook on their mobile phones on the go.

In a previous quick tip I talked about the positioning and messaging of the ads in terms of not just having a catch-all approach, but by having an approach where you talk to your audience for a condition or problem that they currently face.  So if you're doing that, that's fantastic, but unfortunately it's not enough.

To break through the noise and grab people's attention, there needs to be an offer that they cannot refuse so it takes their attention away from all the other stuff that's going on on Facebook.  

If we use the example of heel pain because it's a problem most Podiatrist's help patient's with on a daily basis and if you're reading this, you can probably help people with heel pain as well, here's how an irresistible offer can bring patient's into your clinic...

Potential patient's are not actively searching for heel pain relief on Facebook so they need to be first educated about how your clinic can help them get pain relief quickly.  The education process, starts on Facebook using video and then continues in person at your clinic at a no obligation initial assessment.

The most effective offer to give people is to offer the no obligation initial assessment at either a heavily discounted, insurance covered or free rate.

What we're not talking about here is giving them a free or discounted treatment - that's the last thing you want to do as it will attract people who want free treatments  and they're not going to become long term patients at your clinic.  The idea is to attract long term patient's who need help.

Giving them a heavily discounted or free offer to come into your clinic for an initial assessment to see how you can help them is a great way to get them in the door really, really quickly.  This way they can be educated in the benefits of treatment and nurtured into becoming patient.  Of course, this part is for you and your team to convert them into patients.

The quicker patient leads are generated, the quicker you can help more patient's and grow your clinic.

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